Pearl Wiring branch ear jacket Bridesmaid gifts Free US Shipping handmade Anni designs

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This wiring earrings are handmade using fresh water pearls. It is a perfect gift for mother's day and bridal party. Pearls stimulate our femininity. When have we not felt Ultra feminine when wearing pearls? They remind us to walk with dignity. They symbolize the purity within us. They lift our spirits and make us feel calm and beautiful.

The length of the pearl earrings is 1 ¼ inches, or 3.0 cm. (excluding the length of hook).

Color: Pearl white, a divine color, whispers innocence and purity. Nothing says elegance and polished like pearls.

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"My mom ended up wearing these on my wedding day, because she loved them so much! Thank you!
Earring are worn so close to the face, they are the most important accessories because it will siphone attention to our face. Earrings can compliment our face shape, enhance our good features, soften our jaw line, bring out the color of our hair, our skin tone and the clothes we are wearing.

Earrings can even help us look taller because it draws attention upwards:) BTW, I am a shorty, that is why I love earrings, but who doesn't?! All we need is a perfect pair of earrings.

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